About War on Climate Change


The War on Climate Change came about because of the need to address the magnitude of irreversible climate change and the impact this will have on our lives as we know it.  Climate change does not merely threaten the lives of millions of people. If unchecked it is an existential threat to the human species.

The nature of this threat has been known for thirty years yet the world remains bewilderingly complacent.

Tiny glimmers of hope are appearing. Far more people are now aware of the threat.

But no country which has set a net zero target yet has a credible plan for achieving it. We can’t wait any longer for technology breakthroughs to save us. Instead we must use what is available today to achieve something which has never been done before.

Emissions must start to fall by at least 10% a year.

A fundamental change of approach is needed – nothing less than a WAR ON CLIMATE CHANGE.